Swimming Pool Construction & Repair

At NYS Outdoor Construction we know your dream is not only to install a beautiful pool but to make sure that pool folds into your landscape to create a beautiful backyard escape - an oasis!  And more than that we know you will settle for nothing less than a quality pool that is built to last.

Our team is committed to versed in the latest technology and designs.  We work with concrete (gunite), vinyl liner and fiberglass depending on the preferences of the homeowner.  Our pools are built to bring years of enjoyment to your life as well as beauty and value to your home and property.  From start up to completion you'll find our expertise and commitement to excellence beyond compare.

Along with our custom swimming pools, we can design any variety of spas and decks, using a wide selection of high-quality materials. Our attention to detail and high standards will deliver you a polished, professional product that you'll enjoy as long as you own your home.